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MyoNatural™ users can be found in every walk of life, from top professional athletes to weekend adventurers to arthritis sufferers and pain sufferers. If you’re wondering if MyoNatural™ is right for you, take a look at what other people have said about it.

  • In our practice, we are always looking for the best of breed products that will improve the quality of life for our patients. We have used MYONATURAL cream for more than ten years and when they told us they were introducing a new CBD oral spray we looked forward to trying it. There are two formulations, CBD SPRAY and CBD SLEEP SPRAY. I decided to try the SLEEP spray on myself. Six months later I can say I use it every night and I have never slept better. MYONATURAL gives me lab analyzed ingredients, an easy method for delivering metered doses and they even made it taste good. Our patients that try it, come back for more every month.

    Vince Amoia DC
    Vince Amoia DC American Physical Medicine
  • Since incorporating both CBD and CBD SLEEP into our practice, our patients have reported not only significant reductions in pain levels, muscle tension, spasm and overall discomfort, they have also reported significant improvements with sleep, anxiety  depression, menstrual cramps and much more. Some patients who tried CBD oil before discovering MYONATURAL CBD say they like the fact that it is convenient, easy to use and NOT MESSY like the oil. MYONATURAL  CBD has added a whole new dimension to our practice.

    Dr. Dawn & Dr. Payton Ely
    Dr. Dawn & Dr. Payton Ely Family First Chiropractic San Diego
  • I wanted to let you know how much your product, MYONATURAL CBD SPRAY, has helped me! I have been taking Motrin for years for chronic neck pain. Finding MYONATURAL has enabled me to stop taking these pills thankfully! I commend you for your dedication to helping your customers live a life free of discomfort. Bravo!!!

    Renee Albera
    Renee Albera
  • As an International Pilot I have had trouble managing time zones and being able to get to sleep and stay asleep. For the past few years I have tried multiple sleep products, but nothing worked effectively that was legal for me to use. The first time that I tried MYONATURAL SLEEP SPRAY I got the best nights sleep in many years. Great to know there is an all-natural solution that is perfectly legal for me to use … great product and thank you.

    Steve M. Scottsdale, AZ
  • When I bought the CBD spray I wasn’t sure it would work. I am recovering from septic shock and the resulting pain. Consider my order of 3 more my proof it works.

    Dean Hughson
    Dean Hughson Fountain Hills
  • This stuff works miracles like no other. My husband and I bought this in 2008 at the Marine Corps Marathon and will not use anything else. Thank You for inventing this awesome cream. It also helps my 87-year-old father with his arthritis!

    Mary Elizabeth Butler-Sisnroy
    Mary Elizabeth Butler-Sisnroy
  • I have been using the MyoNatural™ cream for about 1-1/2 years and thought it was wonderful. THEY ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL INVENTION and I can run around all day virtually without pain with arthritic knees which I am told need to be replaced. However, since I am a widow and live alone in a two-story house with the kitchen on the first floor and bedroom and bathroom on the second I would need someone with me 24/7 for at least several weeks following surgery. So, for now, the MyoNatural™ IS THE PERFECT ANSWER FOR MY PAIN until I can manage the surgery. THANK YOU MyoNatural™ FOR COMING TO MY AID.

    Gail Murphy LaSalle, Ontario
  • Not sure how it works but it does. I was skeptical at first but after using it and getting “real” results I now tell my friends all about it. I’ve tried some of the “box store brands” but this has been the best so far. It’s for long-term use so don’t expect miracles from the first application. It’s definitely worth the price!

    Frank Pionteck
    Frank Pionteck
  • Using MyoNatural™ twice a day has taken the pain out of the many activities I’m involved in.

    Bob S. Oregon
  • I have been using MyoNatural™ for several years now, and I can honestly say that it works! I’ve even gotten my wife to use it. It soothes our aches and pains and doesn’t leave us smelling like a locker room!

    Sam A. Chicago
  • I am a 41-year-old father of nine wonderful children. Just chasing them around creates sore muscles. However every year we travel to play in the Spokane Hoopfest 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. We love hoops. Just a week before Hoopfest I broke my big toe while on a father and sons campout. I applied MyoNatural™ immediately. The next morning I could move it better and I was able to hike three miles. Within three days I was able to see the bruising go away. By Hoopfest I was 95 percent. Wow, through Hoopfest we played eight games in two days. I found muscles I forgot I had. Before each game, I would rub MyoNatural™ from my feet clear to my neck. It feels great. By the third game, my two sons and my brother-in-law were joining in. We were the Superman team. Next year we will be the MyoNatural™ Men. Anyone can benefit from the pain and muscle relief MyoNatural™ offers.

    Pratt M. Boise, ID
  • Just want to let you know that I received the MyoNatural™ this week and have been using it day and night with wonderful results. As I told, you I have been in a lot of pain with rotator cuff inflammation and was using Aleve for about a year taking three to four tablets three or four times a week. The Aleve has been rough on my stomach waking me in the middle of the night. The best thing about this wonderful product is that there are no side effects at all, no stomach upset, etc., and IT WORKS! I have stopped using Aleve since the MyoNatural™ works better and faster and lasts all day. I use it in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon depending on how active I am, and again at night. I am not taking any other pain medication, just using the MyoNatural™, and have no pain and improved range of motion. Thank you so much for sending the product to me. I do need more since I want to share it with my friends and family.

    Norma Oakland, CA
  • I have to let people who suffer from ANY aches and pains, including muscle strain, arthritis (especially in your hands), MyoNatural™ is without a doubt the BEST cream I have tried and believe me I have tried many. You use such a small amount and it gives such relief, I wouldn’t be without it. I receive MyoNatural™ each month and have shared it with my friends and my son, Bobby who suffers from old hockey injuries. If anyone has any questions about this fabulous cream, please give them my email and I will be more than happy to talk with them.

    Carol Cushing
  • I thought you would like to know the value of your great product. Around August 2008, I developed pains in my lower back and left leg. I went to a chiropractor and starting using a product (Capzasin-HP). It set me on fire and did nothing for me. Then I got some Miracle Rub by Aloe and it did no good. Walgreen’s suggested a product under their name which gives the same results. Somehow a tube of MyoNatural™ showed up at our house. Think I ordered it on the internet and what a relief. I now have used up all the stores have in stock. The Vitamin Shoppe managers say this product moves a good pace. Being in sales for over 50 years, I thought you would like to know this.

    Thomas Beene
  • I have been using MyoNatural™ for over two months on the pads of my thumbs. Several years ago I strained those muscles doing some heavy lifting. A year ago, my physician, had me wear hand “braces” for a few weeks, with the prognosis that if that didn’t work, I would need to consider surgery. I wore them and had some success, but not significant enough to make a daily difference in the strength and pain-free usage I was looking for. After using MyoNatural™ and some physical therapy for this short time I have experienced returned strength and usability and a noticeable difference in my pain level. I look forward to continued strength and loss of pain as I use this great product. I have also used MyoNatural™ on my sciatic nerve. I lead a very active life, beginning with a good run/walk each morning. A little over a month ago I noticed a pain in my right leg, wrapping around my knee. I went to my chiropractor, and he diagnosed a sciatic nerve involvement. He has been using his “Pro-Adjuster” on it, and the improvement was slow, but improving…when I started using MyoNatural™ on the small of my back twice a day, along with the adjustment, I noticed a remarkable difference in my body’s recovery. This product works!

    JoAnn T. Alpine, UT
  • “In the recent state high-school tournament, I threw over 700 pitches in two days. That’s more than I’ve ever thrown in a 36-hour period. MyoNatural™ made the difference. I only shared it with the catcher because I didn’t want the other teams to know my secret weapon.

    Paige Affleck Brigham Young University Softball Pitcher
  • While at bat, I was hit by a pitch in my non-pitching arm resulting in a deep bruise that could have slowed my performance this season. I used MyoNatural™ to speed the recovery with awesome results. I also use it on my pitching arm to maintain mobility. Now other players are asking me for MyoNatural™ when we’re in the dugout.

    Kjirsten Beckstead Virginia State University Softball Pitcher
  • I’m a ranked marathon runner and triathlete, and I use MyoNatural™ as part of my training and performance program because it keeps this body moving.

    Jeff Baird Marathon Runner
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to your product. As you are aware, I have had major surgeries over the course of the last 20 years resulting from a car accident. In between that, there have been months at a time where I have been restricted to the house due to the pain in my hips and back. I have had a series of bone grafts off my hips to have what are now 4 discs that are fused together (L3-4-5 & S1). After the first one (S1), they said it would be just a matter of time before the next one and then the next would need to be addressed due to the damage. With that as you know comes arthritis in the hip and joints from the graphs. In the last 5 years, the spinal stenosis reached the point of being unbearable, and a Spinal Cord Stimulator has been placed in my back which allows me to get up and walk around. The only problem is it can’t be used when sleeping, sitting or driving a car. With the help of Meds from the doctors I have relief, but the muscle pain and joint pain never really go away completely. With the discovery of MyoNatural, I am able to get relief when nothing else seems to work. Thank you so much again for your help and understanding, but most of all, thank you MyoNatural™. God bless you.

    Jeanette L. Fountain Hills, AZ
  • I have been exclusively using MyoNatural™ for almost 6 years. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have tried almost everything out there. MyoNatural™ is the one product I have found that has everything I look for: effective pain relief, gentle glide, and healthy ingredients. I used it myself as I recovered from ACL reconstruction and I use it for all of my clients who range from marathoners, Iron Man competitors, Ultra athletes, weekend warriors, and the corporate athlete (the ones stuck at a desk all day with neck and back pain!) I love it and my clients love it.

    Steve Dozois
    Steve Dozois Licensed Massage Therapist
  • As a physician, I am keenly aware of the number and variety of ailments that affect the human body. So when I come across a product like MyoNatural™ that treats so many, I want to shout about it from the rooftop.

    Lisa Hill MD
  • MyoNatural™ has been of great help to me in relieving the pain and swelling in an arthritic knee.

    Leon T.
    Leon T. Colorado
  • I am writing to let you know that I think that your product MyoNatural™ is great! I am 78 years old and I have been suffering from arthritis in my right knee for many years. I was not able to jog or play soccer with my grandkids for quite some time. I started using MyoNatural™ after getting a tube from my son. A few hours after rubbing some into my knee, I had greater mobility and I could go up and down stairs without any pain. I have been using it several times a day since then and I am now jogging and playing soccer without pain. Thank you for such a remarkable product. Keep the product coming!

    Pedro G
  • Sandy Szymusiak Tomorrow will be 1 week that I have been using this after purchasing from John at the fair. I can tell you, it has made a big difference for me in my daily activities. I suffer from chronic back pain and this has reduced the discomfort of that, as well as my knee pain. I am so happy I tried this product!

    Sandy Szymusiak
    Sandy Szymusiak
  • MyoNatural's CBD spray worked better to relieve my chronic back pain than medical marijuana.

    William Hindman
    William Hindman Industrial Marketing Systems / President
  • I had a miserable migraine where I had to lie in the dark and my shoulders and knees were hurting. I remembered the cream and rubbed it into my knees and shoulders. I had a little left over and since my head was still throbbing, I rubbed a little on my temples. Afterward, it was like watching one of those timed pictures of a flower opening up. My whole heart felt like it was opening and the pain went away. I thought this can't be happening. Days later I had another bad headache, so I used it again and my headache was gone very soon afterward. I’m still stunned by the effectiveness of the cream!

    Beryl Customer
  • I use MyoNatural for my knee, and back of my neck when it's sore. Basically, any place that is aching and hurting. After I use MyoNatural, it decreases the swelling and alleviates my muscle aches. You can feel the effects of the cream all day. It's a very, very good product.

    Ann Customer
  • At the snowbird's convention, Kathy rubbed Myonatural on my right knee where I have osteoarthritis pain. Afterward, I walked around the convention and told my husband, this is really unbelievable. I bought one jar from her that day and once we were back in our condo, I ordered enough for a year. When I use Myonatural, my knee feels so great! I could be an advertisement for "MYONATURAL". I Still CANNOT BELIEVE how effective it is.

    Judy Customer
  • MyoNatural is a good product. I use it for my knees and joints. I have worked in welding, mining, and construction most of my life. I'm 79 and the doctors told me my joints are worn out and I have bad arthritis. They say it's too late to have a knee replacement and wrote me off. The days I can't get out of bed I apply Myonatural on my knees and 15 minutes later I can move, it's an instant relief and it helps my circulation too. I buy it by the box and use quite a bit of it. It keeps me going. If I didn't have Myonatural, I wouldn't be able to move anymore.

    Rolf Customer
  • I have been using MyoNatural™ pain relief products in my practice for the past few years to help my patients with all types of pain related problems with unbelievable success! My patients that continue to benefit from the application of MyoNatural™ range from professional ALL-Star and ALL-Pros, Olympic gold medalists, Heisman Trophy winners, young student-athletes, businessmen and women, and housewives. The head athletic trainer, Ken Crenshaw for the Arizona Diamondbacks has had such great success with the products that he gives MyoNatural™ his full endorsement! MyoNatural helps athletes with performance and recovery. Often times when athletes perform at a high level, they don't shut their body down and once the season starts their nagging injuries begin. This cream takes away their muscle pain and prevents muscle cramps and spasms. It also increases stamina, gives them an edge that enhances their performance. Unlike the other topical creams, the athletes can't live without it because it makes such a huge difference. Some athletes won't share MyoNatural because they don't want their competitors to know about it. I have them use it before and after they train or compete.

    Dr. Tory Brooks
    Dr. Tory Brooks Chiropractor
  • We started bringing Myonatural into the store and the feedback we received from customers was fantastic. I tried it and found it really worked. The elderly buy it for joint pain and younger people use it for sports injuries. It's a wonderful product. It relieves the pain very quickly and once you get something that does that, you really don't want anything else.

    Julie Affiliate/Supplier
  • MyoNatural is a lifesaver. I work in construction which can be physically straining. After using this cream, I can go through my day without the constant nagging of back pain. I wouldn't be able to work in construction if it weren't for Myonatural. It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone who has joint or lower back pain. Thighs, legs, neck, shoulders, back, you name it; put Myonatural on the pain and you can literally feel it disappear.

    Liam Customer
  • I use to lay in bed at night and my feet, back, and hands would hurt so badly. I would move around in bed all night. I couldn't sleep and would get up three to four times a night thinking, what am I going to do? I'm in so much pain and I don't know how I'm going to handle this. MyoNatural was the answer to my prayers, a godsend; it got rid of all of that nagging, aching pain and thank heavens, now I can sleep!

    Diane Customer
  • I have a bulging disc problem and my back would constantly hurt. I tried cold therapy creams, blue analgesic creams, medicated patches, and nothing worked until I found Myonatural. I totally believe in this cream and highly recommend to everyone to at least try it. When living with chronic pain, Myonatural makes each day better. It’s something I’ll be using for the rest of my life.

    Christina Russo Customer
  • I have been using Myonatural for 3+ years and it is the only product I will use. I wont throw before I use the lotion and I always use it after and before bed,the recovery benefits are like no other and it always makes my body and arm feel brand new.

    Scott Harkin
    Scott Harkin
  • In private practice for now over 14 years, I've never seen a pain relieving product or cream as effective as MYONATURAL. Not only does it decrease pain in our patients, but it has a unique anti inflammatory component that is second to none. Whether we are treating professional athletes or the occasional week end warrior, MYONATURAL is a very important tool in our tool box. I couldn't imagine practice without it.

    Dr. Andre M. Silano
    Dr. Andre M. Silano
  • I started using MYONATURAL to help my lower back pain, something I've suffered with for years. It was fantastic. After applying it, I was surprised to find that the excess I had rubbed into my hands relieved my arthritis pain. I spend a lot of my day quilting and painting and now, thanks to MYONATURAL, I enjoy both of those activities without pain.

    Delia S.  Sioux Falls, SD
    Delia S.  Sioux Falls, SD Traveling Grandma

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