MYONATURAL is your vehicle to financial freedom.
Earn passive income by relieving people’s pain.

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I would like to thank you for your interest in MYONATURAL. Our signature product was developed in 2006 for a group of elite athletes that wanted to replace taking harmful NSAIDS with a transdermal topical analgesic. We worked with Tom Brady for many years as our lead endorser until 2012 when Tom decided to create his own wellness brand and open the first TB12 wellness center.

John Thompson, CEO acquired the brand in 2012. We have sold more than 2 million units of this product that is supported by our money back guarantee…for a pain cream. We believe that MYONATURAL is the best pain cream, period. Combatting pain and inflammation wasn’t enough for us, so we added a lactase inhibitor to allow the user to heal faster while decreasing cramps and spasms. But the secret sauce is our phospholipid delivery system (Nanotech) which transports our all-natural ingredients through the dermal layer to the site of injury and pain. This separated us from every other pain cream in the market. I’m proud to say that out of the millions of units sold there has only been a few instances where someone requested a refund.

In 2008, Dr. Tory Brooks was our first physician to retail the product and was also the one responsible for developing our Affiliate/Fundraiser program with a goal of decreasing parental expenditures and to help increase revenue for organizations such as; club teams, schools, ministries, and even as an alternative to programs like Go Fund Me. Through his practice he has been able to treat and share our amazing pain cream with hundreds of the best athletes in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS and Olympic sports.

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