What is CBD and How Can It Help With My Pain?
Pain Relief Management


Relieve Your Pain Naturally, Through MYONATURAL CBD

When we discovered that many people were getting real results from taking CBD we decided to make a better mousetrap. Let’s start with an understanding of what CBD is.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the hemp plant. Unlike the more famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) CBD is non-psychoactive.

In a recent study released by WADA, (world anti-doping agency) they certified that the use of CBD would not show positives on any workplace drug testing.

As a successful pain management marketer, we felt that CBD would be a great contributor to our brand, MYONATURAL. After selling more than one million units of pain cream we needed to be certain about a number of things before we called the product MYONATURAL.

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There are three things that set MYONATURAL CBD
products apart from other CBD products on the market today.

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Our raw materials are sourced from a federally regulated growing operation of industrial hemp. Each batch contains raw CBD isolate, meaning that everything except the pure CBD is removed during the extraction process. We ensure each batch comes with a lab analysis that we share with our customers, so we’re not hiding any ‘impurities’.

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Metered Doses

This is medicine, and accordingly, we wanted the user to always know how much medicine they were taking. We use the worlds only patented device that delivers 240 metered doses of pure CBD from every tube.

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Vibrant Taste

This was actually the toughest part of the project. CBD has a very unpleasant taste and that is why many CBD suppliers use about 80% of their volume in oil of some kind to mask the flavor. You don’t know what you are getting and how much CBD is actually being delivered. MYONATURAL uses the purest CBD with no oil fillers. Our all natural formula uses a small amount of stevia leaf extract making it taste great.

Our Dedication To Fight Pain Naturally, Soars With CBD

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I have dedicated over a decade of my life to helping people manage pain… naturally…

I can say with complete confidence that the introduction of CBD is the most exciting development in pain management since the invention of the aspirin…no contraindications… safe for continuous use… a real solution to the opioid crisis.

We will always be careful never to make claims that we can’t back up and the FDA has determined that CBD is a dietary supplement and not a drug. This means that there will be an inherent lack of control surrounding the finished product. There is today and there will be a portion of the market that will try to sell a product once without any concern over whether you will buy the product again.

We are interested in a long-term relationship with our customers and that is why we are so transparent about the manufacturing of MYONATURAL CBD and MYONATURAL CBD SLEEP oral sprays.