MYONATURAL introduced the worlds first CBD sprays in 2017. The major difference between CBD oils and MYONATURAL sprays is explained by our medically proven superior bio availability. This means that if you use a tube of our spray that contains 200 mg of CBD you would require 400 mg of ANY oil product. MYONATURAL enters the bloodstream via the soft tissues in the cheeks. The oil needs to be processed through the digestive tract which removes almost 50 % of the bio availability.

A Few Faq's About CBD

NO. This is the most common question we get. We use lab analyzed CBD that is verified to contain less than 0.3% THC. You will never test positive with our product.

We sell primarily to healthcare professionals and they are interested in 3 things, efficacy, easy dosing and pleasant taste. That is not possible when the CBD is immersed in some kind of carrier oil that has no therapeutic effect and carries an unpleasant taste. Why swallow something that you are not sure where it came from?

The FDA considers our product a dietary supplement and accordingly, we can make no medical claims. I will tell you that we have received testimonials from a large number of users that report favorable results for an issue like pain, inflammation reduction, PTSD, anxiety, getting and staying asleep, suppression of muscle spasms, relief from neuropathy pain and many, many others.

Yes, CBD is very safe. You can’t overdose and there are no contraindications with any other medicine you might be using.