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How MyoNatural™ Helps Athletes Perform Better

dr tory brooksDr. Tory Brooks is a former student-athlete from the University of Arizona where he played football under Coach Larry Smith and Dick Tomey. He has practices in Arizona since 1998.

The powerfully effective combination of chiropractic and Fenzian Treatment System, has lead Dr. Brooks to be the treating physician for over 100 NBA players (3 Hall of Famers, 4 MVP’s, and 22 All-Stars), over 30 MLB players (1 Cy Young, 2 Golden Gloves, 6 All-Stars), over 20 NFL players (1 Heisman Trophy winner, 2 Hall of Famers, 1 Hall of fame nominee, 4 All-Pro’s, 3 College Outland Trophy winners, 2 Lombardi Award winners), and a couple of MLS players (2 MLS All-Stars).

MyoNatural™ | An athlete’s best kept secret!

Interview with Dr. Tory Brooks

I met John, the CEO of MyoNatural™ many years ago through another business venture for this sports website. We had a mutual contact and then we reconnected a couple years later and he introduced me to the product, and I began using MyoNatural™ on my patients.

At the time I was treating professional athletes so I would share the MyoNatural™ with them and they just absolutely loved it. They gave me great feedback after using it, on how it made them perform. It caught on like wildfire and I’ve been using it as a staple ever since.

Why Athletes are Drawn to MyoNatural™

It helps sports athletes with both performance and recovery. Often times when you’re at the professional level, you don’t shut the body down. Once the season starts athletes have nagging injuries.

You don’t have time. You have all of these nagging injuries and musculoskeletal pain. The cream takes the inflammation away, and helps with pain relief through a sera lactase inhibitor that allows the body to remove muscle cramps.

How MyoNatural™ Helps Athletes

The cream helps alleviate the muscle pain and prevents muscle cramps and spasms. It keeps them going especially if there’s dehydration.

Now I have a confidence level in the cream! Whether you’re at a professional level or playing in high school or college. I have the athletes apply MyoNatural™ before and after training.

• It Increases their stamina.

• Gives athlete’s their competitive edge.

• It enhances performance.

What’s MyoNatural™ All About?

Life with Competitor Creams Before MyoNatural™

Before I knew about MyoNatural™, I use to get menthol products for free and I still didn’t give them away. The players could live without them.

They would meet the minimum requirements, possibly give you temporary relief, but not long-term…and on the back side their loaded with chemicals. There are certain instances where people have died from overdosing on pain creams.

I feel so much more comfortable and reassured with MyoNatural™. It’s not harmful and it actually works.

Why Athletes Can’t Live Without MyoNatural™

MyoNatural™ is so much more effective than all other products. Once the athletes try it, they can’t live without it.

Because it makes such a huge difference in their performance and gives them that edge that they are looking for. Some people won’t share it because they don’t want their competitors to know about it.

Your experience with the CEO of MyoNatural™

John and Kathy both are those people who are full of integrity and that’s how they operate their business. They go beyond 5-star. John will call and let me know the status on supply.

They take their business personally and who they share their products with become a part of their family.

I’ve seen them go through challenges and they just roll on and the cream itself is reputable, and effective. MyoNatural™ changes lives and they’re making a real difference in people’s lives.

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If you’re an athlete and would like to experience less pain and a competitive edge – click here and order your free samples.

“Myonatural is my preferred rubdown before and after workouts and games. I’ve got enough to push through without pain slowing me down. That’s why I’ve made Myonatural a part of my game. It goes right to where the pain is and attacks the inflammation to keep me in motion.”

— LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, Chargers Running Back & NFL MVP

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