Imagine walking without searing, burning pain in your feet. It’s possible with MYONATURAL.

Peripheral neuropathy refers to conditions that result from damage to the nerves that carry messages from the brain to
the rest of the body. It can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and burning in the feet, making life miserable.

MYONATURAL Oral CBD Spray and MYONATURAL Pain Relieving Cream can help.

If you…

  • Can’t participate in activities because of pain
  • Need relief from burning and pain in your feet
  • Want a solution that produces no side effects
  • Want a chemical free, natural solution

...then MYONATURAL CBD Oral Spray and MYONATURAL Pain Relief Cream are right for
you. Use them alone or in concert for a powerful treatment for your painful feet.

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“After years of being in chronic pain and visits to countless doctors and pain specialists, I was told to accept my pain as the new normal.

I started with the CBD COMBO day and night sprays, 4 weeks ago and it is a real awakening of my body! My pain has gone down and I am able to move and walk much better. I could only wear flip flops due to the swelling.

Now I am able to wear heels again for the first time in many months. I can now do more than I have in years! People who know me have seen a change in me and ask what I have done new.”


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“Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have woken up every day with the worst numbing and sharp pain and stinging feeling in my feet for the past 3 years.

Not only has it affected my energy levels but also my sleeping patterns…it has moved all the way up to my knees. After I had a small sample of the CBD spray, not even 15 minutes afterwards the pain in my ankles was gone then top of my feet then the bottom I could feel again without immense pain throbbing! ”

Adam T


MYONATURAL™ offers fast-acting natural pain relieving solutions that work!