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Now is the time for you to make sure your immune system will keep you healthy.

The past few years sure have been ..well..challenging.

The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that healthy people with strong immune systems are doing much better than those that are being taken down by severe covid that have not invested in making their immune system able to fight off the adverse effects of the virus.
The vitamins that are the most important in this fight have been readily available for decades. It has only been a recent change where people that ignored vitamin supplementation are now understanding that preventative daily supplementation is the best way to stay protected.
No one disputes the fact that these vitamins work. The next decision is the most important one you will make…which vitamins? Let’s explain why we believe that MYONATURAL SPRAY VITAMINS are not only efficacious but also cost effective as a result of our patented delivery system.
For decades people have injested pills to take their vitamins This method works just fine, but today we have a new way, a better way, a more cost effective way to take the vitamins you need to keep your immune system strong. What is the reason that spray vitamins are proven to be more effective? BIO AVAILABILITY Simply what that means is how much of the vitamin is available to you after you swallow the pill and after the pill goes through the journey through your digestive tract and ultimately enters your bloodstream. Here is the point …more than 50% of the vitamin is lost in that journey through the digestive tract. MYONATURAL SPRAY VITAMINS do not enter through the digestive tract..they enter when sprayed directly into the mouth and then enter directly via the soft tissues in the cheeks.
With 240 metered doses of spray in all of our vitamin formulations it is easy to control or adjust the dosage.
MYONATURAL SPRAY VITAMINS are not only proven to work faster and with much great efficacy, they also taste great too.
There is no better time than right now to boost your immune system and stay as healthy as you can.