Dealing With Pain on the Outside of the Knee

If you are experiencing pain on the outside of the knee, there are a lot of reasons why this can be happening. It is a condition that affects millions of Americans, and is the cause of about 1/3 of all doctor’s visits when it comes to muscle and bone pain! Some of the most common causes of knee pain are:

  • Sprained ligaments
  • Cartilage tearing
  • Tendonitis
  • Runner’s knee

What is the root cause of all of these issues? One thing that we can be certain about is that whether the pain seems to originating on the outside of the knee or coming from deep inside the knee, the culprit is inflammation. Inflammation (or swelling) is the body’s self response to injury, a process that is meant to begin healing one’s self.

Unfortunately, inflammation has the ability to self-perpetuate, meaning that inflammation can sometimes cause repeated inflammation, which is what leads to chronic pain. To control this cycle, we need to limit further injury to the knee, as well as to lessen the inflammation.

Solutions for pain on the outside of the knee

There are some simple methods you can use at home to help your knee begin the recovery process, and to lessen inflammation.

1. Give your knee some rest – preventing extra strain on it from walking, bending, or other movements. If you’ve sustained a knee injury, this is the first thing you want to do, as it will give your knee more time to heal, and will help prevent further injury.

2. Elevate your knee – If you’re sitting down, prop your leg up on a recliner or coffee table. The gravity will help prevent accumulation of fluid in the knee, and can reduce swelling. A higher elevation is preferable. If possible, you want to have your knee raised higher than your heart.

3. Reduce the inflammation – ice is a useful solution that can reduce swelling. It is recommended you apply ice several times for 20-30 minutes on the affected knee. If you’re looking for another all natural solution for this problem, in virtually 100% of all instances of pain on the outside of the knee, you can get real, long lasting relief for many hours by using MYONATURAL. Our product uses a phospholipid delivery system.

This means that the healing ingredients contained in it are so small, that when rubbed on the painful area, in minutes the cream penetrates the dermal layer (the eight layers of skin we all have). The irritated and inflamed cells are then reduced in size back to normal levels, relieving your pain and increasing range of motion.

We are so convinced that we can help you with pain on the outside of the knee, for the past 10 years we have sold MYONATURAL with a money back guarantee. If you are dealing with chronic pain or have tried a lot of products with limited success, we hear you and we understand your frustration – that is why we will send you a free sample for a small handling charge so you can try before you buy.

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