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MyoNatural™ is a fast acting natural pain relieving cream that works in minutes for anyone experiencing pain
such as arthritis, neuropathy, bursitis, lower back pain, or sports injury.

When using MyoNatural™, the pain goes away within minutes.
You can move again, sleep better, and enjoy life with more with instant relief.

How MyoNatural™ Makes Your Life Better!

When you experience the instant relief that comes from MyoNatural™, it becomes an extension of your life. Why? Because MyoNatural™ gives you the relief after living with chronic pain!

Here’s how others describe MyoNatural™ in their words:

“MyoNatural™ got rid of all of that nagging, aching pain and thank heavens, now I can sleep!”

“MyoNatural™ relieves the pain quickly ​and once you get
something that does that, you really don’t want anything else.”

“I can now go through my day without constant back pain.”

“The days I can’t get out of bed I apply MyoNatural™ on my knees and 15 minutes later I can move, it’s an instant relief.”

“When living with chronic pain, MyoNatural™ just makes each day BETTER.”

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“I tried fifty different pain relief products​ and MyoNatural™ was the one that changed my life!”

John Thompson, CEO of MyoNatural™

  • I started using MYONATURAL to help my lower back pain, something I've suffered with for years. It was fantastic. After applying it, I was surprised to find that the excess I had rubbed into my hands relieved my arthritis pain. I spend a lot of my day quilting and painting and now, thanks to MYONATURAL, I enjoy both of those activities without pain.

    Delia S.  Sioux Falls, SD Traveling Grandma
  • In private practice for now over 14 years, I've never seen a pain relieving product or cream as effective as MYONATURAL. Not only does it decrease pain in our patients, but it has a unique anti inflammatory component that is second to none. Whether we are treating professional athletes or the occasional week end warrior, MYONATURAL is a very important tool in our tool box. I couldn't imagine practice without it.

    Dr. Andre M. Silano
  • I have been using Myonatural for 3+ years and it is the only product I will use. I wont throw before I use the lotion and I always use it after and before bed,the recovery benefits are like no other and it always makes my body and arm feel brand new.

    Scott Harkin
  • I have a bulging disc problem and my back would constantly hurt. I tried cold therapy creams, blue analgesic creams, medicated patches, and nothing worked until I found Myonatural. I totally believe in this cream and highly recommend to everyone to at least try it. When living with chronic pain, Myonatural makes each day better. It’s something I’ll be using for the rest of my life.

    Christina Russo Customer
  • I use to lay in bed at night and my feet, back, and hands would hurt so badly. I would move around in bed all night. I couldn't sleep and would get up three to four times a night thinking, what am I going to do? I'm in so much pain and I don't know how I'm going to handle this. MyoNatural was the answer to my prayers, a godsend; it got rid of all of that nagging, aching pain and thank heavens, now I can sleep!

    Diane Customer
  • MyoNatural is a lifesaver. I work in construction which can be physically straining. After using this cream, I can go through my day without the constant nagging of back pain. I wouldn't be able to work in construction if it weren't for Myonatural. It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone who has joint or lower back pain. Thighs, legs, neck, shoulders, back, you name it; put Myonatural on the pain and you can literally feel it disappear.

    Liam Customer
  • We started bringing Myonatural into the store and the feedback we received from customers was fantastic. I tried it and found it really worked. The elderly buy it for joint pain and younger people use it for sports injuries. It's a wonderful product. It relieves the pain very quickly and once you get something that does that, you really don't want anything else.

    Julie Affiliate/Supplier
  • MyoNatural helps athletes with performance and recovery. Often times when athletes perform at a high level, they don't shut their body down and once the season starts their nagging injuries begin. This cream takes away their muscle pain and prevents muscle cramps and spasms. It also increases stamina, gives them an edge that enhances their performance. Unlike the other topical creams, the athletes can't live without it because it makes such a huge difference. Some athletes won't share Myonatural because they don't want their competitors to know about it. I have them use it before and after they train or compete.

    Dr. Tory Brooks Chiropractor
  • MyoNatural is a good product. I use it for my knees and joints. I have worked in welding, mining, and construction most of my life. I'm 79 and the doctors told me my joints are worn out and I have bad arthritis. They say it's too late to have a knee replacement and wrote me off. The days I can't get out of bed I apply Myonatural on my knees and 15 minutes later I can move, it's an instant relief and it helps my circulation too. I buy it by the box and use quite a bit of it. It keeps me going. If I didn't have Myonatural, I wouldn't be able to move anymore.

    Rolf Customer
  • At the snowbird's convention, Kathy rubbed Myonatural on my right knee where I have osteoarthritis pain. Afterward, I walked around the convention and told my husband, this is really unbelievable. I bought one jar from her that day and once we were back in our condo, I ordered enough for a year. When I use Myonatural, my knee feels so great! I could be an advertisement for "MYONATURAL". I Still CANNOT BELIEVE how effective it is.

    Judy Customer

Why MyoNatural™ is a great choice for suppliers, business owners, chiropractors and massage therapists?

MyoNatural™ is one of those products that helps so much, it keeps customers coming back for more. Take it from one of our many suppliers.

She states in a recent interview, “We have customers who swear by MyoNatural™. One of them thought he had to go to a nursing home because his mobility was compromised by pain.

​After discovering MyoNatural™ in our store, he’s still living in his home six years later and still buying it from us. In the beginning, people are reluctant because they’ve tried everything and after they sample it, they buy it. It’s a great product!”


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