Tips for Preventing Injury Before and After a Workout

HURRY HURRY HURRY It’s just the way things are today so I can appreciate the fact that you want to get to the gym as fast as you can and get that workout in so you can tackle the next challenge on your list…CAUTION..There are a few important suggestions that I can offer based on the roughly 50 years of working out that I have in my personal rear view mirror. You are no good to anyone, especially yourself if you are hurt and can’t workout due to an injury that could have been prevented. We have been helping athletes from elite Olympic competitors all the way to the weekend warriors with our world famous topical cream, MYONATURAL.

This cream works differently than anything else on the market in as much as it actually penetrates the dermal layer and gets to the cellular level in minutes to reduce inflammation and restore range of motion. When the body is pushed to the limit it will shut down. This is just a simple fact. What we learned through years of exhaustive testing with elite athletes was that it makes a lot of sense to use MYONATURAL not only post workout but pre workout as well.

Since I have experienced the effects of a total body shutdown from overuse I was excited to review the results comparing those that used MYONATURAL before working out to those that did not. MYONATURAL not only extended the ability of the user to go further before shutdown but it also resulted in major reductions in pain levels. ICE has always been a favorite of mine  to reduce swelling post workout. 15 minutes of ice then shower, then more MYONATURAL. If you try this regimen I can promise you better , longer if you desire, pain free workouts. Because MYONATURAL also promotes the growth of healthy new cells the longer you use it the less likely you are to sustain a muscle injury. You have nothing to lose except your pain.