Do You Suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel, The Wrist Wraith

If you are dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, until now the treatment options consisted of Ibuprofen, then on to the stronger NAPROXEN, then a series of very damaging steroid injections. By this point you are now gambling with your kidney function from all the drugs.

The doctor tells you it is time for surgery. That is great news. It takes about a year for full recovery and the surgery is not always the solution.

Finally, there is a better and natural way to deal with CTS.

Cope With Carpal, Using Myonatural

  1. Rub MYONATURAL cream where it hurts. You will get relief in minutes from the pain. It may take up to five minutes for our cream to activate on your skin cells.
  2. Continue utilizing MYONATURAL as described on the bottle, and watch your CTS lessen day by day…

Best of all, no side effects and safe to take with any other medication.

That’s why we say “It’s more then a supplement…It’s the solution.”


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