Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Your neck and shoulders contain muscles , bone, nerves, arteries and veins as well as many ligaments and other supporting structures. Many conditions cause pain in the neck and shoulder area. Some are threatening, like a heart attack, but most are not too dangerous, such as sprains and contusions.

There are a multitude of injuries and chronic conditions that can cause shoulder and neck pain, which is why it is so important to understand the injury or condition before following a treatment plan. Bursitis, shoulder separation, whiplash and tendonitis are just some of the potential causes for your pain.

The constant with most, if not all, of these conditions is that they case a lot of inflammation to the damaged cells in and around the injury area. Think of those inflamed cells in the sore shoulder or neck as enlarged. Imagine those cells as grapefruits, when the healthy size would be of a golf ball.

When the cells in your neck or shoulder are inflamed, they become very difficult to move causing issues with your neck or shoulder. In order to get relief for any shoulder or neck pain, the inflammation has to reduce.

Our guaranteed solution for any shoulder or neck pain is to apply MYONATURAL cream directly on the affected area. You never need to worry about any negative side effects with MYONATURAL, because there are no harmful methyl salicylates and the ingredients are all natural and toxin free. In fact, in a clinical study MYONATURAL was proven not to cause skin irritation.

If you are looking for shoulder and neck pain relief then MYONATURAL is your answer. Many people wonder how long it will be before they get any relief? MYONATURAL delivers relief in minutes, lasts for hours and is totally safe for continuous use.

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