Fast acting natural pain-relieving creams and CBD sprays that work in minutes for anyone experiencing pain. MyoNatural helps with arthritis, neuropathy, bursitis, lower back pain, pain from a sports injury and aching muscles to name a few.

Pain Cream

MYONATURAL developed a proprietary delivery system that penetrates the dermal layer within minutes, stopping your pain. Patients that suffer from arthritis, neuropathy, muscle soreness and joint inflammation use MYONATURAL for instant pain relief. MYONATURAL is safe for continuous use without adverse side effects and zero contraindications.


The efficacy is based on the amount of CBD contained in each gummy. MYONATURAL gummies are infused with 50 mg of CBD, which is up to 5X more than other CBD gummies. Our formulation is non GMO and uses all natural flavors to create the best tasting gummies on the market.

CBD Spray

MYONATURAL introduced the world’s first CBD sprays in 2017. The major difference between CBD oils and MYONATURAL CBD Sprays is explained by our medically proven superior bio availability. The oil needs to be processed through the digestive tract which reduces the bioavailability by 50 %. Using a 200 mg CBD MYONATURAL Spray equates to using 400 mg of ANY other oil product.

Vitamin Sprays

MYONATURAL Spray Vitamins are the ideal solution for people that have difficulty swallowing pills! Great taste. Fast Acting. 50% more of the vitamin enters your bloodstream via MYONATURAL’S proven delivery system, allowing your body to maximize the use .