Selecting The Right Chiropractor Can Change For Life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have known Dr.Tory Brooks for more than ten years. During that time he has introduced MYONATURAL to thousands of patients, both elite athletes, chronic pain sufferers and weekend warriors of every type.

Dr. Brooks is not afraid to look at new treatment options and best of breed products to support his efforts to help his patients deal with the multitude of injuries and illnesses that can slow us all down. You can be assured that any modality or product used in his practice has been thoroughly researched and proven before it gets placed into practice.

I had the pleasure of being treated personally by Dr. Brooks until he made the decision to relocate to Tucson a few years ago. I was sad to lose my quick access to Dr. Brooks but the people of Tucson have welcomed him and his practice has been growing by leaps and bounds.

In watching Dr.Brooks video I believe that the info contained is invaluable to making the right choice for you.

Since I have benefited for almost 40 years through chiropractic treatment it is puzzling that more people don’t even use a chiropractor. People just want to take a pill and have an immediate solution. Since we sell an all natural product, MYONATURAL, that has no contraindications or side effects and is safe for continuous use, the endorsement from Dr. Brooks is extremely important to us.

The average 55 year old male and I did say average takes 7 prescription drug medicines. That to me is simply outrageous. As a former professional football player I know a bit about pain. I suffered a major ACL reconstruction in 1975 that led to years of escalating chronic pain from degenerative Osteoarthritis.

At the time I was taking 6 to 8 Tylenol for Arthritis per day along with a 200mg tablet of Celebrex.

No one told me about any potential side effects. I am now faced with managing acid reflux and mild kidney disease from taking so many pills.I am glad I learned about what I was doing to my body before I ended up on dialysis. It is noteworthy to mention that roughly 5% of all kidney dialysis patients are there because they took too many “safe” over the counter pain pills. Shocking but true.

There are a lot of pain creams available to choose from in the marketplace but in my opinion MYONATURAL is clearly the best . That is why we sell MYONATURAL with a money back guarantee.

Whether you are a chiropractor that is interested in adding a product that can change lives or if you are a consumer that wants to get rid of pain I am very confident that MYONATURAL will help. The whole story is there at

Take your time and ask the right questions when you are looking for a chiropractor. If you are anywhere near Tucson you will be very happy when you meet Dr. Brooks. He has helped me tremendously and I am sure he will do the same for you.

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