Reduce Your High Blood Pressure with CBD

When you have a condition like high blood pressure, you want to get treatment to be healthier, but sometimes the treatment and its side effects feel just as bad as the condition you’re trying to treat. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help for your diagnosis. But instead of turning to chemically-based prescription medications with lots of unpleasant side effects, you can look for more natural treatments that get the results you want and are free from side effects.

High Blood Pressure is a Serious Problem

High blood pressure and hypertension are serious problems in the United States and all over the world. In fact, an average of one out of every three Americans has high blood pressure and it causes approximately 1,000 deaths every day. Unfortunately, since many people experience no symptoms of high blood pressure until their condition is more advanced, they don’t know they have a problem until it’s too late to reverse the condition or prevent an adverse event. People with high blood pressure are at significant risk for stroke or heart attack as well as many other health complications.

Standard High Blood Pressure Treatments

Since high blood pressure is such a common health problem, there are lots of treatments used in the medical community. Most people with high blood pressure are put on prescription medications to reduce blood pressure. Patients are also encouraged to reduce salt intake, eat healthier, and exercise regularly to improve heart health and reduce high blood pressure. While healthier living is good for anyone, the medications used for high blood pressure often come with unpleasant side effects. This can make it more likely that patients do not adhere to their medications as prescribed so their blood pressure does not improve.

CBD for High Blood Pressure

CBD has the potential to replace chemically-based prescription medications for treating high blood pressure. According to a 2017 study published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation, even a single dose of CBD can reduce blood pressure. CBD is known to reduce stress and anxiety, which are both significant risk factors for high blood pressure and hypertension. By using CBD instead of prescription medications, patients can experience reduced blood pressure without the negative side effects that come with prescription medications.

High blood pressure is a serious problem. But with the right treatment, you can lower your blood pressure and get healthier. If you want to avoid the unpleasant side effects from prescription medication, using CBD can not only lower your blood pressure safely but can help ease your stress and anxiety at the same time.