16oz (453g) MYONATURAL Pump

16oz (453g) MYONATURAL Pump

The 16 ounce pump was originally designed for Chiropractors, trainers and therapists to use in their daily practices. It is now available to the general public and contains more than 5 bottles of MYONATURAL. People who suffer from arthritis find the pump easy to use. This is the most economical way to stay pain free.


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MYONATURAL was developed by health care professionals for sports injuries, workout enhancement, joint pain and stiffness, sore muscles, arthritis, back pain relief and more.

It is the world’s only toxin-free and all-natural anti-inflammatory cream that heals damaged tissue and cells for not only immediate pain relief, but also for long-lasting recovery, with absolutely no side effects. MYONATURAL is the all-natural alternative to chemical laden creams and pills.

From lower back pain to neck pain, arthritis aches or sore knees, MYONATURAL is a safe and toxin-free way to soothe sore muscles. Professional athletes have trusted MYONATURAL to reduce pain and discomfort from minor injuries and muscle strains.


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