Pain Solutions For You – E6

Hi, this is John and once again we are thrilled to have Dr. Tory Brooks from On The Go Chiro in Tucson Arizona and welcome to pain solutions for you.

Dr. Brooks, when you introduce a new product like the MYONATURAL all-natural anti-inflammatory pain cream, how do you overcome the obstacles and skepticism your client might have when you tell them it doesn’t stink and it’s not greasy?

They do come in with their pre-conceived notions about pain cream… usually they really heat you up. They smell and they usually stain clothes… especially when they come in well dressed and on a break, you want to be careful when applying a cream. I always ask them before I apply the cream and then I let them know that it is not going to stain their clothes and it is not going to heat them up and it’s not going to make them smell when I apply the cream. And it’s fast acting

…minutes? Yes

You want to shake your head and say it can’t be working that fast.

It’s like the first time you used it at that trade show. You fell in love with the product. It’s like you were a new person, with a new vision. Your passion was to tell everyone about this cream because people are in pain all over the world.

Everyone that walks into my office is in pain, severe pain a lot of them and I know that I have some tools that can help them and MYONATURAL is at the top of that list.

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