Pain Relief Guaranteed

When someone tells me that a product is guaranteed to work, I am immediately suspect.

As a pain sufferer for over 35 years I have tried over 50 different creams, lotions, potions, etc. I was working at a trade show when I discovered this cream called MYONATURAL.

I was a perfect candidate, as I had been in constant pain for about 3 days and had 3 more days of walking on concrete to look forward to. I turned up the next aisle and looked directly into an 8 foot poster of Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady. The caption read “I use MYONATURAL because I have no time for pain.” I thought… me too.

One thing led to another, and a few minutes later I was talking to the President of the company. I guess he liked my story because he put a tube in my hand and simply said to rub it where it hurts. I walked immediately to the washroom and did what I was told.

I began to walk back to the booth and by the time I got there, not only was my pain reduced — it was gone. I was totally shocked and wanted to know how long the relief would last.

When I found out the relief would last 4 hours and it was safe to use all day and there were no contra indications with any other medicines.

I knew right then and there this was a life-changing experience.


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