Pain Solutions For You : E1

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John Thompson CEO of MYONATURAL shares how he discovered the product, what it works for and how the money back guarantee sets this product apart the the rest.


My name is John and then product is MYONATURAL and I would like to welcome you to “PAIN SOLUTIONS FOR YOU”We are going to talk about a lot of different things over the next few months and what I want to start with is the story as to why I am here. Eleven years ago at a trade show I was visiting I was suffering from the chronic pain caused by Osteoarthritis in addition to 3 days of non stop sciatic pain.

I was in rough shape.

I had walked up and down 2 of the more than 150 concrete aisles that I need to see and I did not think I could finish or even carry on. I turned up the next aisle and right in front of me was a big poster of Tom Brady with the caption “I use MYONATURAL because I have no time for pain.”

I knew I needed more info because I had no time for pain either. The president of the company gave me a bottle to try. I went to the washroom and rubbed the cream on my areas of soreness and by the time I cleaned up and walked back to the booth which was less than 5 minutes, my pain was not just reduced, it was gone.

I knew at that moment that MYONATURAL was the best pain cream I had ever tried and I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to sharing this incredible pain relief solution.

Well, fast forward 11 years and my company is now the Exclusive Global Distributor for MYONATURAL and we have customers all over the world.The reality is that we are only one of about 300 pain creams that are looking for your support. Why do I think MYONATURAL will work for your pain instead of any of the other products? That’s easy. We sell MYONATURAL with a money back guarantee.

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