Nil For High School Student-Athletes


NIL Opportunities We are delighted to share with you a significant avenue that we are now facilitating: Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities for high school student-athletes. Our NIL program is fully equipped with capable leadership to assist our athletes in navigating the process of harnessing their image and popularity.
Our dedication goes beyond the realm of sports. We are steadfast in our commitment to empower our athletes to utilize their distinctive position to attain financial advantages during their time as athletes and beyond.
Here are the benefits of our NIL program:

How we all make MONEY!

With each sale of the pain cream, the school receives 5% and the player earns 20%. This presents an excellent opportunity to raise funds for the school and provide compensation to student-athletes, all while endorsing an outstanding product.
Two sizes of MyoNatural 5 units 20 units
3 ounce bottle at 20% = $6 $30 $120
16 ounce bottle at 20% = $16 $80 $320


MYONATURAL stands as the world’s exclusive toxin-free, all-natural anti-inflammatory cream designed to heal damaged tissues and cells. It not only offers immediate pain relief but also accelerates the recovery process, all without any associated side effects.
Positioned as the natural substitute for creams and pills laden with chemicals, MYONATURAL covers a broad spectrum of discomforts. Whether it’s lower back pain, neck pain, arthritis-related aches, or sore knees, MYONATURAL provides a secure and toxin-free approach to soothing sore muscles.

NEXT STEP! Begin Selling!

The NIL student-athlete’s school becomes an Affiliate, and this affiliation offers exciting opportunities for the school. As a MYONATURAL Affiliate, the school will be empowered to launch fundraising programs for various clubs within your school. These programs can be customized separately, each with its distinct identity. By sharing your school’s or club’s unique QR code or site-link, you’ll earn a substantial 20% of the retail sales volume whenever a purchase is made through your QR code or provided link. 

When it comes to the Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) deals for your student-athletes, they will be registered under the school’s affiliation. This arrangement benefits both parties: the school receives 5%, while the NIL student-athlete receives 20%, every time a retail sale is generated via their individual QR code or site-link.

Once you’re registered, you’ll receive an email containing your exclusive QR Code and URL. You can then direct individuals to your personalized school, club or NIL-Affiliate page using either your QR Code or URL. Here, they can purchase MYONATURAL pain cream.

The school takes charge of purchasing the starter kits, which come packed with samples for the school, clubs and NIL student-athletes to distribute within their network. For those who are interested in trying the product but aren’t in your vicinity, they can easily head to your site-link and request free samples. Shipping expenses will be the only cost they need to cover.

To make the most of this opportunity, spread the word about this remarkable pain-relieving product among your family, friends, on social media platforms, and anywhere you believe you can generate income. The fantastic thing is that MYONATURAL is a standout product that almost sells itself. Your task is to get our sampled cream on as many people as possible who are dealing with pain.

Who can participate?

Disclaimer: This information is made available for educational purposes. It provides general information and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. This information should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.
Last Updated on June 8, 2023
State NIL Status Rule
Alaska Permitted ASAA Article 8,Section 1 & 2 Article 9, Section 2
California Permitted CIF Article 20 Rule 212
Colorado Permitted CHSAA 2000.12; Amended in April 2022
Connecticut Permitted CIAC Article 12 Rule 4.5.A
District of Columbia Permitted DCSAA Part V Section H
Idaho Permitted IDHSAA Rule 8-4 & 8-5
Illinois Permitted IHSA Rule 3.083
Iowa Permitted ASAA Article 8, Section 1 & 2 Article 9, Section 2
Louisiana Permitted LHSAA Section 1.25
Maine Permitted MPA Handbook
Maryland Permitted MPSSAA Subtitle 06 Chapter 03 Section 10
Massachusetts Permitted MIAA Handbook Rule 47
Minnesota Permitted MSHSL 201.00
Nebraska Permitted NSAA Rule 3.7.1
New Hampshire Permitted NHIAA Article II Section 6
New Jersey Permitted NJSIAA
New York Permitted NYSPHSAA Rule 2.2(c)
North Dakota Permitted NDHSAA
Oregon Permitted OSAA Rule 8.4
Pennsylvania Permitted PIAA Article II Sections 1-3
Rhode Island Permitted RIIL Article I Section 19
Tennessee Permitted SCHSL Article III Section 14
Utah Permitted UHSAA Section 6
Kansas Limited KSHSAA Rule 21
Nevada Limited NAC Rule 385B.374
Arizona Unclear ASAA Rule 15.11
Hawaii Unclear HHSAA Section 2(I)
Vermont Unclear VPA Section 2
Alabama NOT Permitted AHSAA Rule 1, Section 8
Arkansas NOT Permitted AAA Article III Eligibility Rule 10. Amateurism
Delaware NOT Permitted Del.Admin. Code Title 14 Section
Florida NOT Permitted FHSAA Rule 9.9
Georgia NOT Permitted GHSA Rule 1.90
Indiana NOT Permitted IHSAA Part II Rule 5-2
Kentucky NOT Permitted KHSAA Bylaw 10
Michigan NOT Permitted MHSAA Section VIII Part B & C
Mississippi NOT Permitted MHSAA Rule 2.39
Missouri NOT Permitted MHSAA 3.6.1 and 3.6.2
Montana NOT Permitted MHSA Article II Section 15.1, 16
New Mexico NOT Permitted NMAA Section VI Subsection 6.18
North Carolina NOT Permitted NCHSAA Rule 1.2.15(a) and (b)
Ohio NOT Permitted OHSAA Bylaws, 4-10 and 5
Oklahoma NOT Permitted OSSAA Rule 5
South Carolina NOT Permitted SCHSL Article III Section 14
South Dakota NOT Permitted SDHSAA Chapter 2 Section 6
Texas NOT Permitted State law SB 1385 Section (j) – (1) & (2)
Virginia NOT Permitted VHSL 28B-2-3
Washington NOT Permitted WIAA 18.24.0-18.24.5
West Virginia NOT Permitted WVSSAC Title 127 Section 127-2-11
Wisconsin NOT Permitted WIAA Section III.C
Wyoming NOT Permitted WHSAA Rule 5.7.1



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Choose the Starter Kit that best suits your business needs

Each Starter Kit has been developed to best help you achieve success within our program. Although, It is not mandatory to purchase a Starter Kit to participate in our Affiliate program.


Full Starter Kit
$ 59 ($118 value)
  • 1x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 25 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 4 Daytime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 4 Nighttime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures


Full Starter Kit
$ 99 ($203 value)
  • 3x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 50 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 4 Daytime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 4 Nighttime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures


Full Starter Kit
$ 149 ($455 value)
  • 1x 16 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 5x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 100 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 8 Daytime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 8 Nighttime CBD Gummy Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures


Starter Kit
$ 59 ($109 value)
  • 2x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 50 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures


Starter Kit
$ 99 ($219 value)
  • 4x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 100 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures


Starter Kit
$ 149 ($428 value)
  • 1x 16 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 5x 3 oz. Pain Relief Cream Pump
  • 200 Pain Relief Cream Sample Packs
  • 25 MYONATURAL Brochures