The Safest And Most Effective Topical Pain Relief
Both of these products are considered to be topical analgesic pain relief products. That is where the similarity ends. One product, MYONATURAL is safe for continuous use, delivers hours of relief, is clinically proven not to cause skin irritation and comes with a money back guarantee
The second product TIGER BALM has been around for more than 100 years, burns your skin, contains 30% methyl salicylates and masks pain for a few minutes before your pain returns. Just google…death from pain cream, that’s right, death from pain cream for an amazing story about how supposedly safe over the counter products can in some cases be fatal.
When a product like TIGER BALM contains 30% methyl salicylates, excessive use can be very harmful. MYONATURAL has been clinically tested and certified not to cause skin irritation.
TIGER BALM has a very strong odor and it lasts for a long time. That is what many people call that “locker room small. MYONATURAL, on the other hand, has a pleasant menthol scent that disappears in minutes. Most women are very appreciative of this.
Efficacy is the most important component of any product that is designed to reduce pain and increase mobility. TIGER BALM uses the same formula they used more than 100 years ago. Much has changed since that time. Our bodies were not designed to receive continuous applications of methyl salicylates which is the main ingredient in TIGER BALM.
We believe in not only efficacy but safety.
When given a choice after reviewing the ingredients in both products TIGER BALM would be my last choice. My first choice for fast, safe, long-lasting pain relief is clearly a natural choice, MYONATURAL

For the alternative to a pain cream…. CBD spray.