How to Ease Sore Hand Muscles and Arthritis Pain

Have you attempted to open a jar or knit like you always have and experience sore hand muscles or pain? The joints of the hands are amazing in their ability to work together to allow us to do all of the work we require of them. But sometimes arthritis commonly affects the joints of the hands and fingers, which in turn limits our daily activities. Arthritis is a common medical issue affecting an estimated 1 in 4 people in the US of all ages.

One way the body attempts to make up for the lost cartilage in the joints, which causes pain is by producing more fluid in the joints. This leads to swelling and restriction of motion. The swelling of the joint also stretches the joint capsule, which is what causes pain.

Another symptom of an advanced disease is a feeling of grinding and grating in the joint. This is caused by the irregular cartilage surfaces rubbing against each other, which means even more pain!

There are a few different options for treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis and sore hand muscles. These options include medication, creams, splinting and injections. Over the counter medications include Tylenol and anti-inflammatory medications. Tylenol may help with the pain and anti-inflammatory medications may help with swelling and pain.

Anti-inflammatory medications often adversely affect the stomach or kidneys. MyoNatural cream with cetylated fatty acids (CFAs) may be used as an alternative to these medications. CFAs have been shown to help with overall function and pain in joints with osteoarthritis.

MyoNatural has additional ingredients that may help your body fight inflammation and pain.There are multiple options to help those find pain and it is important to work with your health care provider to make a disease management plan that ensures the greatest quality of life possible for you.

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