Health Benefits Of Banana Powder

Banana powder is actually made from drying bananas or dehydrating them as all the nutrients present in it are intensified in small amounts. The banana powder as well as banana has proved to very delicious and healthy for humans. Bananas comprise certain essential nutrients that supply your body with multiple benefits like digestion regulation and control of heart diseases.

Here are some of the scientifically proved health benefits of banana powder:

1. Banana powder contains very essential nutrients

Apart from its calories benefit it is also likely to provide your body with nutrients. Some of these nutrients are potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber protein, and fats as well. They are also rich in antioxidants that provide your body with certain health benefits.

2. Banana powder may improve digestive health

Dietary fiber is linked to many health benefits like improved digestion. Banana powder is likely to contain two types of starch in most cases, one is pectin and the other is resistant starch. Resistant starch escapes digestion and end up in your large intestine when it becomes food for beneficial bacteria in your gut. It is also proved to be helpful in treatment against colon cancer.

3. Banana powder also supports heart health

Potassium is a mineral that is absolutely necessary for heart health especially in controlling blood pressure. Despite its necessity, many people do not get potassium in their diet. People who eat potassium in their diet are likely to have less risk and chance of getting heart diseases. Bananas are also likely to comprise a significant amount of magnesium which is also very important for heart health.

4. Banana powder contains powerful anti-oxidants

There are several kinds of important anti-oxidants like dopamine and catechins that are likely to be a part of banana powder. These anti-oxidants are associated with multiple health benefits like they are inclined to reduce the risk of heart disease and degenerative illness. Dopamine simply acts as an antioxidant which helps reduce the risk of free radicals.

5. Banana powder is likely to improve your kidney health

Potassium the main ingredient controls not only heart health but is also likely to enhance kidney functioning. People who are more likely to use banana powder have less risk of developing kidney-associated diseases, Research studies have proved that consumption of banana powder reduces the risk of kidney diseases by 50%.

6. Banana powder banishes PMS pain

If you are the one who suffers from menstrual pain then go for banana powder instead of pills. Being rich in B6, it is likely to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. If you are suffering from severe pain, then try this natural product instead of medicines and pills as it will have no side effects.

Hence, the banana powder is likely to improve your health in multiple aspects like it is good for heart health, brain boosting, and kidney function. Being rich in various minerals and anti-oxidants improves your digestive health and retains the energy levels of the body.

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