Echinacea + Goldenseal Vitamin Spray



Echinacea and Goldenseal have been a part of my life for more than 20 years. In fact, I can say that Echinacea is one of my favorite plants for all that it has done for me over the years. I have used the capsules to protect me from succumbing to a cold or the flu. With a strong immune system it is very rare for me to even get a cold.

There are so many benefits to using this spray, starting first and foremost with the bio availability of a spray that enters the bloodstream in minutes versus the hour or so it takes to be processed through the digestive tract. When you take a capsule you lose more than 80% of the benefit before it enters your system.



The most popular and most common use of echinacea is to help prevent and fight the common cold. The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service states that using 10 milligrams of echinacea for each kilogram of body weight may boost the immune system. The effects may be beneficial in the prevention of cold symptoms but have been noted to be more effective in treating the symptoms once they appear


The Native Americans first used echinacea to alleviate pain from various areas of the body. It has been used to treat headaches and sore throats, as well as for pain relief from measles, herpes, gonorrhea, tonsillitis, and the stomach and bowels.


Since inflammation is present with many serious health conditions such as uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis, echinacea may be a key factor in treating this and other conditions.


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, you may have suspected that echinacea is a great way to combat upper respiratory conditions aside from just the common cold. While it also boosts the immune system, this herb may also treat influenza cases, croup, strep throat, whooping cough, and tuberculosis.

What Is Goldenseal Good For?

The earliest documented use of the goldenseal plant is thought to be by the Iroquois and Cherokee tribes to treat stomach ailments, canker sores, and cancer. This flowering plant is native to the region east of the Mississippi River.

If I could only pick two plants that would help me stay healthy it would be ECHINACEA and GOLDENSEAL.

And now it can’t be easier, faster and also tastier than MYONATURAL VITAMIN SPRAYS.