How To Ease Neuropathy Pain?

Peripheral neuropathy can lead to a lot of pain and feelings of tingling and numbness in both limbs. Though neuropathic pain is a common symptom in people suffering from common problems such as diabetes, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Yet it has been often seen that medications recommended in such cases are unable to offer 100% relief to those who suffer from neuropathic pain. Naturally, it is important that you try other neuropathy pain relief methods as well so that the pain and the associated discomfort can be reduced to the minimum possible level.

Neuropathy Pain Relief Methods

Given below are a few steps that may help you:

Control Blood Sugar

If you are diabetic, it is pretty obvious that neuropathic pain will get to you sooner or later. But if the glucose levels remain unchecked for long, then it is quite possible that the damage to your nerves would be much more prominent than it should be when proper care is taken. So, it is important that you control sugar levels in the blood as much as possible so that the damage can be controlled and the pain lessened.

Take Ample Vitamin D

Researches have suggested that Vitamin D plays an important role in lowering neuropathic pain. In a research conducted at the University of Sheffield, researchers came to the conclusion that diabetic patients who took ample amount of Vitamin D on a daily basis experienced lower neuropathic pain than those who didn’t. A dosage of 600-800 IU is suggested to reduce the chances of pain and numbness.

Stop Smoking

Apart from various other side-effects that smoking has, it has also been considered as a culprit in inducing neuropathic pain. Smoking can lead to constriction of the blood vessels in the human body, thereby significantly lowering the blood flow to different parts of the body. The insufficient blood flow to the limbs may lead to nutrient insufficiency and lead to increased pain in the limbs.

Boost Your Vitamin B Intake

Vitamin B, especially B12, has a direct effect on the nerve health. Insufficient intake of B12 may lead to gradual nerve impairment. Not only that, B6 is equally important as it assists the brain in producing chemicals that help in sending signals to different parts of the body.

Insufficient production of these chemicals can enhance the pain. So, it is important that you take sufficient amounts of Vitamin B. If your diet is unable to provide ample Vitamin B, then you may opt to take a Vitamin B complex capsule as a supplement.

Try a Warm Bath

A warm bath can be relaxing in many ways and can also help in relieving neuropathic pain. Since the warm water enhances blood circulation in the body, blood will easily flow to different parts of the body, including the limbs that experience the pain.

Proper blood flow reduces the pain significantly and thus, warm bath has been considered as an instant relief for those who experience neuropathic pain. However, make sure that the water isn’t scalding hot as you may end up burning your skin.

Exercise Well

Another effective way to lessen neuropathic pain is to exercise well. You may workout at home or at a gym or even walk, for that matter. What is important is to get your body moving so that blood circulation is enhanced and your feet and hands get enough blood. Good blood circulation will significantly lower the pain that you feel in the limbs.