Degenerative Disc Disease, Lower Back Pain & MyoNatural for Pain Relief

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you have a comprised disc that causes you back pain, you probably suffer from Degenerative disc disease in the lower back or lumbar spine.

Degenerative disc disease can have different causes. Scientists believe that there is definitely a genetic component but there are other causes as well. One cause may simply result from the normal wear and tear or it can be the result of a traumatic cause.

When most people hear about traumatic cause they tend to associate it with a big accident. However, this is not true. In fact, the traumatic cause is, most of the times, linked to a low energy injury to the disc that simply evolves with time, just like the wear and tear.

The problem with degenerative disc disease is that unlike other tissues in your body can repair themselves, the disc can’t because it doesn’t have a blood supply. So, it limits to sustain the injury. And what could be a very simple injury might turn into something really serious as soon as the disc starts to wear out.

Degenerative disc disease is a very common condition although most cases aren’t even formally diagnosed. According to some estimates, at least 30% of people with ages between the 30 and the 50 years old will have at least some degree of degeneration on their discs. In fact, when you’re around your 60s, showing some level of disc degeneration on an MRI scan is more the rule and not the exception.

What are the degenerative disc disease symptoms?

Despite symptoms can vary, they usually share the same characteristics:

– Your lower back is the most affected area by the pain, although it can radiate to the legs and hips.
– Your lower back pain is constant and it already lasts at least 6 weeks.
– The pain description usually refers a painful ache in the lower back and not a burning or searing pain.
– Usually, there’s no position on which you can feel comfortable. You need to be always on the move. However, the worst position you can have is sitting because your discs are experiencing a heavier load.
– When you notice that the pain tends to be even worse when you simply lift, bend, or twist.
– There are some more severe symptoms like the tingling and numbness of the legs. During these periods, you may find walking very hard.

For most people, degenerative disc disease can be treated with non-surgical care. Some of you might be recommended to control inflammation and pain using medications as well as you should also do some exercise and physical therapy. Another thing you can do is use the revolutionary pain relief cream Myonatural.

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