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MYONATURAL Announces A Better Way To Deliver CBD

Phoenix-based MYONATURAL, the Exclusive Global Distributor for MYONATURAL topical pain cream is launching two new products into the rapidly growing CBD market. The MYONATURAL CBD SLEEP spray and MYONATURAL CBD Spray are state of the art products that have no real competitors.
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Industry experts are projecting revenues for this industry to top 40 Billion by 2021. MYONATURAL has invented a better way to deliver CBD and people across the country are embracing this breakthrough product that has no real competitors.

More than 98% of CBD products that are taken orally are delivered using some type of oil as a carrier. This type of delivery system is not only inefficient, it tastes bad.

What Makes MYONATURAL Different

MYONATURAL CBD and CBD SLEEP are distinctly different than any other products in the marketplace based on three key product differentiators.

  1. All raw CBD is sourced from government authorized hemp farms so each shipment contains product that was grown from seed naturally and each shipment comes with a lab analysis.
  2. MYONATURAL has solved the dosing problem and makes it easy to deliver the medicine. They use a patented system that dispenses 240 doses that the user sprays directly into the mouth. There are 42 receptors in the mouth that will distribute the medicine quickly and deliver sustained relief in less than 30 minutes.
  3. MYONATURAL has also made the medicine taste good.

The market is rapidly getting crowded and this unique, one of a kind solution represents the state of the art in safe and efficacious CBD.

MYONATURAL is proud to announce their CBD spray, as well as their MYONATURAL topical pain cream, are offered to chiropractors, massage therapists and online at https://myonatural.com/shop with a money back guarantee.