Can Using Pain Cream Kill You?

I know that’s a pretty scary way to begin an article but if you don’t want to believe it just GOOGLE … “death from pain cream” and you will get the whole story about what happened to a 17 year old girl who used too much “safe” over the counter pain cream. Topical creams can kill you if ingested, injected, or used in an incorrect way.

Most of the creams you will see on the local drug store shelf contain various amounts of methyl salicylates, some as high as 30%. These are the ingredients that make your skin feel either very hot or very cold and they are very bad for your system. When used to excess the user can suffer from toxic poisoning and in the worst case death. Be cautious of these products… they won’t kill you if you’re not being ignorant about the properties of topical creams.

All of us when given the option would prefer to use a product that did not have the potential to produce serious side effects. Such a product is now available and you try a free sample today at Health food stores do not sell the type of pain creams that you will see by the dozen at the drug store because they are aware of the dangers of using products that are toxic and can cause all kinds of adverse reactions.

MYONATURAL is the kind of product you will find at a health food store. It is all natural and toxin free, works in minutes because it penetrates the dermal layer and goes directly to the cellular level where pain starts.

MYO-MED works on any kind of inflammation in minutes, eliminating pain and increasing mobility. There are no contra indications and it is safe for continuous daily use. The product comes with a money back guarantee so there is no risk.


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