Back Pain Will Become Severe If Ignore It

The backbone or vertebral column is the main supporting bone of our body. It is a combination of interconnected joints, discs, nerve endings, ligaments and muscles. These all are working together to provide support, strength, flexibility and promotes the movement of our body as well. It is a hard and large bone of our body that maintains functionality.

Back pain may result from an injury, fracture, and heavy duty work. Osteoarthritis of the spine is most common in people over the age of 50. As the age factor comes, the bones become weak as a result of less calcium absorption. Back pain may be due to the dislocation of a disc of the vertebral column.

+ Some people suffer from the lower back pain which is due to disc movement in the vertebral column, ligaments around your spine or vertebral column are swallowed or the lower back muscles are not working well.
+ Upper back pain may be due to spine inflammation, a pinched nerve, fractured vertebrae or it may be a disorder of aorta. It is found that your lower back is susceptible to bear all the weight of your body. That is why the lower back is more prone to get hurt or suffer from pain.

Causes of back pain

Back pain occurs due to strain and sometimes structural misfunctioning of vertebral column also causes severe back pain. The causes of back pain are as follows:

+ Movement of the intervertebral disc from its place (disc slip)
+ Fracture of the vertebral column due to an accident.
+ Strained muscles around the vertebral column.
+ Lifting a heavyweight that your body cannot bear.
+ Improper stretching of ligaments or muscles around the spinal during exercise activities
+ Long driving for hours without taking any break.
+ Straining your neck forward while using the computer or reading a book.
+ Sleeping on the hard places that do not support your spine straight.

Some other causes are as follows:

+ Cauda equine syndrome: It is a disorder causing lower back pain along with buttocks, thighs and genitalia numbness. This disorder is caused due to the improper functioning of group of nerves arising from the lower end of the spinal cord.
+ Myofascial pain syndrome: This is a disorder that occurs due to again and again the contraction of muscles in a particular area. This occurs due to a particular habit or an activity repetition.
+ Cancer of spine.
+ Infection of the spine.
+ Shingles
+ Herniated disc.
+ Pregnancy also causes back pain.
+ Sedentary lifestyle or poor activities related to your body weight.


Following are the symptoms of back pain

+ Lower back pain.
+ Inflammation on your back.
+ Problem or pain in the disc of your spine.
+ Difficulty in urinating.
+ Continuous pain does not reduce while you are resting.
+ Numbness around genitals, buttocks, and anus.
+ A severe or continuous pain that extends from back to lower legs.


+ Home treatments: If the pain is not much severe it can be treated at home by using some pain relievers of massaging. Applying steam or ice packs also alleviates pain.
+ Medical treatments: It involves the follows:
– Physical therapy.
– Botox
– Traction.
– Cognitive-behavioral therapy.